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for Development Teams

Used by over 20,000 software development teams for issue and bug tracking, project planning and management, collaboration and time tracking. All in one place.

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Issue and Bug Tracking

Stay organized and up to date

Built for teams who are serious about shipping great software, FogBugz tracks bugs and issues through every stage of the development process. It allows you to organize work and prioritize what's important, so that you and your team can focus and know exactly what needs to be done and when.

Bug Tracking in-depth

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Project Management & Sprint Planning

Visualize, plan, and manage your project backlog and iteration sprints.

Keep things manageable by splitting daunting projects into simple tasks. Stay on schedule by setting milestones that keep you on track along the way. Know at a glance where effort is being spent and quickly check on project and team member case loads.

Project Management in-depth

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FogBugz Agile Project Planning

Support Help Desk

Integrated email for simple customer communication

Incorporate customer feedback directly into the development process. The built-in Customer Service Desk means bugs and issues go straight to the people who can fix them. Discussion boards help you understand your customers. Be responsive and wow your customers without the management overhead.

Help Desk in-depth

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FogBugz Case with communication from a customer.

Integrations & More

Works with your development tools

Whether you want to connect cases to code changes, capture error and crash reporting, generate documentation or automate some other aspect of your workflow, our flexible API and comprehensive set of integrations mean you can work the way you want to.

Integrations in-depth

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FogBugz has a powerful API for integration.

Extra Modules

Time Tracking

Keep your project on track. Use our data-driven scheduling tool to predict the likelihood of meeting ship dates, add and track time estimates for cases, and view burn-down charts to get a progress overview.

Time Tracking in-depth

Integrated Wiki

Bring your team together. Plan, document and discuss with the Wiki. Outline plans and provide background information so that everyone is up to speed. Create better software, as a team.

Wiki in-depth

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