A Fog Creek Software Developer

Fog Creek Software is seeking a world-class product marketing manager to propel the growth of our developer tools division. Your efforts will ensure that software developers around the world learn about, try, and ultimately fall in love with our products.

Who we're looking for:

  • You are an active member of the software development community. You understand (and celebrate) what makes developers tick.
  • You are a terrific writer and a great storyteller. You can spot a typo or grammar mistake from a mile away; nothing gets past you before you hit publish.
  • You know how to sell. You're not afraid to ask people to buy valuable products that can help them, but you understand how not to be pushy.
  • You are a finisher. All of your loops are </closed>. You're not easily distracted — once you set your ideas in motion you're able to consistently hit your goals without much supervision.
  • You are data-driven. Brand and buzz are important, but you always have an eye on customer lifetime value, churn, cost of customer acquisition, and other key metrics.
  • You can communicate comfortably with an MBA or a Lisper. You always know who you're speaking to, what they care about, and how to address their unique needs.
  • You're still a little irked at that unpaired XML tag a few bullet points back. Well, here you go: <closed>...Better? No. Worse, right?


  • Own and manage all marketing efforts for Fog Creek's developer tools division (FogBugz and Kiln).
  • Create a wide variety of remarkable content: blog posts, tutorials, screencasts, open source projects, and more.
  • Develop, execute, and optimize strategies for lead generation, lead nurturing, customer acquisition, and retention.
  • Help identify and build business development relationships with partners (both integrations and sales/marketing).
  • Teach the sales team how to effectively communicate the value of our products to prospective customers.
  • Make sure new users have the knowledge they need to succeed.
  • Regularly coordinate with the management, sales, customer service, and product teams. Leverage each team's strengths.
  • Speak at developer conferences (it's exhilirating and is great for brand awareness).

Skills and requirements

  • Proficient with at least one programming language
  • Strong HTML and CSS skills
  • 2-3 years of marketing and content creation experience
  • Excellent command of written and spoken English

Working remotely

All of Fog Creek's teams are geographically distributed (from New York to LA, and Mexico to Canada). Every meeting takes place online (using chatrooms and Google Hangouts), and almost all of our work-related communication takes place on the Internet. That means that you can work from almost anywhere in the world, provided:

  • You have access to broadband, stable, low-latency Internet, suitable for videoconferencing
  • You have a dedicated, quiet place to work
  • Your workday overlaps New York afternoons (1pm - 5pm EST/EDT)
  • We have a way to pay you legally wherever you live


  • Competitive salary
  • Free gym membership
  • Comprehensive health insurance plan
  • 401(k) retirement plan with matching
  • Profit-sharing plan
  • Generous parental leave policy
  • Flextime
  • Four weeks paid vacation
  • All-expense-paid technical conferences

... and while you're in New York:

  • Free MetroCard
  • Free lunch
  • Free soft drinks and snacks

How to apply

To apply, please email us at jobs@fogcreek.com, attaching a current resume in HTML, Plain Text or PDF format. In the body of the email, explain why you would be a good fit for this job. If you have a website, send us the URL.

If you want to make your application stand out, solve the problem below and include your solution as the first word in the subject line of your application email. Include any code you used to solve the problem as an attachment.

Sort the characters in the following string:


by the number of times the character appears in the following text (descending):

Note: the text scrolls.


Now take the sorted string, and drop all the characters after (and including) the _. The remaining word is the answer.

About Fog Creek Software

Fog Creek Software is a small, entrepreneurial software company in New York City founded in 2000. Our key products are FogBugz, Kiln, and Trello; all three have been very successful. We bootstrapped ourselves without outside investment and have been profitable from the beginning.

Fog Creek Software, Inc. does not discriminate in employment matters on the basis of race, color, religion, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, military service eligibility, veteran status, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, or any other protected class. We support workplace diversity.