About Fog Creek Software

Picture of Fog Creek office space

In a world of built-to-flip, hypergrowth, venture-capital-fueled, social media startups, Fog Creek was built for the long term. Fog Creek was built to take ideas from a group of brilliant people and grow them into products that support future development. We think of ourselves as practitioners of the lost art of "being a business".

We have a lot in common with what people call a “startup” these days. We have a beautiful office, free snacks, flex time, top of the line benefits, parties, and all that other stuff. But we’re actually different from a venture-backed startup in several key ways.

A Sustainable Business Model

Fog Creek is owned by its employees. We don’t have outside investors, so we’re free to do things based on the long-term interests of the company. We pay our bills and fund new development with the revenue from our products, and we’ve been profitable since day one. Profits that aren’t reinvested are distributed to employees.

A key to keeping Fog Creek sustainable is making sure the work environment is fantastic. We believe that the way to be most productive is to work normal 40-hour weeks. We save the “emergency death march” routine for actual emergencies (like when Hurricane Sandy threatened to cut power to our data center). We don’t manufacture crisis after crisis to keep teams running on adrenaline. Rather, we provide them with interesting challenges, amazing colleagues, and opportunities for development that match their goals.

Our Products Emerge Organically

Picture of the kitchen at Fog Creek Software

At Fog Creek, we only work on products that grow organically from ideas we have in-house.

We started with tools for software developers. Today, our developer tools group produces FogBugz, the world’s best bug tracker, and Kiln, a system for distributed version control with Git and Mercurial.

Stack Overflow, the largest question and answer site for programmers, was conceived at Fog Creek but quickly spun off as its own company, Stack Exchange, which now has over 100 Q&A sites and millions of daily visitors.

Our newest product, Trello, is the fastest growing team productivity tool, making it easy for teams to organize anything, together.

Over the years, we’ve launched a lot of other products—some hits, some flops—and we plan to keep inventing and growing new products.

Born in New York, Made All Over the World

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Fog Creek was conceived as a Silicon Valley-style tech company located in New York. We over-invested in a plush office as our headquarters. We’re proud to offer private offices for every developer, free lunch and snacks, high-end espresso, great chairs and height-adjustable desks, and all the 30” monitors you can eat.

Now that working remotely is just as effective as working from a single office, all of our development teams do their work fully online. That means any team member can work from just about anywhere with high-speed Internet and we’re happy to hire great people from anywhere in the world.

If you’d like to come work for us, check out our Careers page for details. If you have a question about one of our products or people, just go to our Contact page and let us know!