We had a different idea...

We began in 2000, after our founders, Joel Spolsky and Michael Pryor, had trouble finding a place to work where programmers had decent working conditions and got an opportunity to do great work. At that time, developers were treated like typists, and yet companies still complained that they couldn't hire great software developers, and they struggled to make products people actually wanted to use.

So we came up with a different idea - what if we started our own business where we only recruited the best software people, we treated them well, and then got the heck out of their way?

Company Photo

Well, it worked. Since then we've been creating great software products that are used and loved by millions of people. These include:


FogBugz, 2001

A platform for managing software-led businesses and teams.


StackOverflow, 2008

The largest Q&A site for developers.

Co-created with Jeff Atwood


Trello, 2011

A visual collaboration tool that's used by millions of people.


HyperDev, 2016

A developer playground that lets you build full-stack web apps, fast.

Let's Make The Future

We take a similar approach to our products too. Rooted in a deep understanding of the realities of building software, they're designed to help you get the job done. But otherwise, they get out of your way so you focus on what's really important - working together to make things. Whether that's making code work on Stack Overflow, organizing things in Trello, or building software with FogBugz or HyperDev.

And what we're making is the future. Far from just being typists, our whole world is now infused by the software that we're building. Software is waking us up at just the right time. It's hailing the cab and guiding us to our next meeting, and it's finding us a great place to eat at the end of a busy day. Our whole lives are informed by and run with software. And this is only the beginning. So let's make the future.