Fog Creek is different.

We bet that treating our people better would result in better products. It worked!

Every coder relies on the things Fog Creek makes.

We build tools programmers use to create the future, and we practice the values that help coders do their best work.

Fog Creek's impact on the world of developers rivals companies a thousand times our size.

We're not a startup, we're a software company. We've built our business as an independent, privately-owned company by making customers happy since the turn of the century.

We share what we've learned about how to make great software, both by writing about our ideas and by creating products that help others make great technology.

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Gomix: Effortlessly build and share apps that anybody can use, customize and remix.


Trello: The collaboration tool that millions use to organize and prioritize projects using boards, lists and cards.


Stack Overflow: The largest online community for programmers to learn, share their knowledge, and advance their careers. Cofounded with Jeff Atwood.


FogBugz: A single tool that software development teams use for task management, document collaboration, agile development, code management and customer support.


Joel on Software: One of the most influential and essential collections of writing about software and coders, setting the standard for how to make great teams and apps.

We teamed up with Jeff Atwood to make Stack Overflow. Since starting at Fog Creek, both Trello and Stack Overflow have graduated into being independent companies.

Making a great place to work really matters to us.

Work should be rewarding and enjoyable, that's why everyone here joined Fog Creek in the first place.

At Fog Creek, recruiting talented people and giving them a great place to work has always been our first concern. We hire the most skilled, capable people, treat them with genuine respect, give them the means to succeed, and in return they create innovative, valuable products we're proud to share with the world.

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