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Make better software. Track work across multiple people, projects, clients and teams.

Task Management

Capture and Organize All Your Work

Quick-add task entry means it isn't a burden. Enter all types of work: tasks, issues and ideas easily.

Cater to the requirements of each team or department. Customize workflows, case types, and task statuses.

Spend your time actually doing work. Bulk case editing makes large triaging tasks a breeze.

Know How Things Are Really Going

Know what's outstanding and when it'll be done. Add time estimates to understand the size of tasks.

Ensure work is completed exactly when it needs to be. Set due dates so people know when something is needed by.

Track time automatically, so you know where time is being spent.

Time Tracking
Smart Scheduling = better estimates

Hit That Deadline

Get real schedules. Smart scheduling takes into account past estimate accuracy.

Know the impact of extra work. See the change to delivery dates or know what needs to be cut.

Improve your estimating over time. Identify bottlenecks and learn from poor estimates.

Key Features

Task Subscriptions

Keep up to update with notifications and emails

Flexible Permissions

Only see what you need to and maintain client privacy


Visualize work & spot issues

Search Filters

Give a shared perspective on outstanding work

Powerful Search

So you can always find what you need to, fast

Full Audit Log

It's all tracked so you get an accurate picture

Bulk Issue Editing

Spend your time resolving issues, not updating them

Custom Workflows

Customize workflows, case types, and statuses

GitHub Integration

Automatically see commits in issues on push to repo

API and Webhooks

Trigger actions and integrate with applications

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