Joel Spolsky speaking about FogBugz and Kiln at the 2011 World Tour event in Seattle.

Watch Joel demo source control and project workflows in Fogbugz and Kiln (Transcript)

FogBugz Bug Tracking

FogBugz is the world's easiest bug tracking system, built for teams who are serious about shipping great software.

  • cooperate with team mates
  • meet deadlines
  • maintain control of your projects
  • integrate with source control

FogBugz incorporates the lessons Joel Spolsky and the team at Fog Creek have learned over a decade of learning how to write software better.

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Dominate Your Bugs Like The World's Best Developers Do

An example bug in FogBugz

No software development methodology -- waterfall, Agile, XP, or what have you -- can succeed in altering one fundamental truth about software development: it is freaking hard. The best developers in the world write buggy code. The natural state of software is not flawless: the edge cases are covered poorly, the specification is incomplete, and the software does not yet fully meet its users' understanding of the problem.

If you are not using your bug tracker rigorously, you are wasting your time and effort, and you will never produce great software. FogBugz tracks bugs, issues, and customer support tickets through every stage of the development process. We built it to be quick and easy to use, so that your developers will actually use it. Over 20,000 teams from the world's best software companies use FogBugz because it keeps their developers productive and happy.

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Standardize Your Process

Entering a new bug in FogBugz

What gets tracked gets improved. If you are not tracking your bugs, your bugs will only be fixed by accident. Many development shops use email, spreadsheets, or sticky notes as ad hoc bug tracking tools. These have poor visibility, poor communicability, and poor accountability. You should be using dedicated bug tracking software.

Good software is not an accident. It is a result of a process designed to produce good software. That means carefully tracking what needs fixing, fixing it, verifying that fixes work, and ensuring they do not get un-fixed later. Great teams use FogBugz to handle the project management so that they can focus on shipping great software.

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Delight Your Customers

Customer feedback

Software is not just a product. Software is a living organism, evolving to fit the needs and actual usage patterns of its users. Software exists to make its users lives better. This means that user feedback should be incorporated directly into the development process. If your QA or Customer Support team are the only people to ever hear about customer problems, then the software will always have those problems.

FogBugz makes reporting a bug as easy as sending an email. These bugs go straight to the people who can actually fix them -- the developers. You can keep your customers informed, painlessly. After all, you are making software for them, not for you.

Make your customers happier! Try FogBugz free for 30 days. We'll set you up with an inbox for receiving customer's bug reports and feedback instantly, and give you a bunch of other options for transforming their needs into your to-do list.

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