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Issue Tracking

Track issues from problem to solution. Divide complex issues up into tasks and subtasks, then set their priority and assign them to different team members. Your whole team will know what they're working on, and with due dates, everything gets resolved on time.

Find Things Fast

FogBugz includes a powerful search engine, allowing you to instantly search the complete contents of cases, wiki articles, and customer correspondence. The flexibility of FogBugz search allows you to find the information you're looking for in no time.

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New Case Creation

Capture Changes Easily

Capture bugs, features, and ideas through your browser, via email, using the FogBugz feature screenshot Tool or automatically via BugzScout. Quick and easy case creation means your team won't miss a thing, so you can focus on making better software.

Stay up-to-date with notifications

FogBugz notifications and emails keep team members informed about changes to the projects and cases they are working on. Each team member has full control over the frequency of email updates.

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