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FogBugz has everything you need to keep your project on track and running smoothly.

Track anything with FogBugz

Track everything

Enter bugs, issues, customer inquiries, or just about anything else. FogBugz keeps track of it all in a central place, so nothing is forgotten.

JOEL SAYS:  If you don't already have a bug tracker — no, the sticky notes on your desk don't count — get one now! It's literally the simplest thing you can do to make your whole team more productive, and your product better.

Entering cases

Capture bugs easily

There are many ways to quickly and easily capture bugs: through your browser, via email, or using the FogBugz Screenshot Tool. Easy case creation means your team will be up and running with FogBugz in no time and improving the software that you ship.

Watch our One Minute Introduction to FogBugz for a complete overview of how FogBugz can transform your development process.

FogBugz search

Powerful, multi-faceted search

FogBugz includes a powerful search engine, allowing you to instantly search the complete contents of cases, wiki articles, and customer correspondence. The flexibility of FogBugz search will allow you to find the information you're looking for in no time.

Mobile bug tracking and project management

Cases on-the-go!

FogBugz's mobile view enables you to easily track cases, edit bugs, or assign critical tasks while you're away.

FogBugz mobile works across all iOS, Android, and Blackberry smartphones, as well as the iPad and other tablets. Just visit your FogBugz site on your device, and you'll automatically see the mobile view.