Project Management and Planning

Collaborate across projects and teams, build data-driven project schedules and view up-to-date project information.

Know Whether You Can Meet That Deadline

Smart scheduling and historical snapshots tell you how your team is doing and whether they can meet deadlines. They highlight risks, expose poor estimates and single points of failure. Never let your schedule get derailed again.

Burn Down Chart

Stay on Top of Things by Visualizing Your Workload

Rich visualizations of your team's work mean you can quickly get an understanding of where the bottlenecks are. You can even export your data to Excel for further analysis.

Case Visualizations

Organize Work into Manageable Chunks

Each bug or issue is represented in FogBugz as a case. To outline a large task, simply create a high-level "parent" case and add subcases below to represent smaller chunks of work.

Subcases view

Keep Your Projects on Track

Milestones help you highlight important dates in your project's development schedule. Use a milestone to set a short-term goal like a two-week sprint or a longer-term goal like a major release.

Status chart
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