Simple project management software.

Lightweight and flexible — FogBugz has the tools to help you deliver great code.

Cases, parent cases, subcases

Outline your work with cases and subcases

Each bug or issue is represented in FogBugz as a case. To outline a large task, simply create a high-level "parent" case and add subcases below to represent smaller chunks of work.

Milestones to segment projects

Milestones — signposts along the way

In FogBugz, Milestones help you highlight important dates in your project's development schedule. Use a milestone to set a short-term goal like a two-week sprint, or a longer-term goal like a major release date.

Reporting in FogBugz

Visualize your case data

FogBugz is more than just a list of cases. The list view's graphical representations — including pie charts, bar charts, and tables — provide rich visualizations of your team's work. Quickly get an understanding of where effort is being spent, check on the number of cases in each FogBugz Project or Area, or view just about anything else you can think of.

If needed, you can even export your data to Excel for further manipulation and customization.

Time-based reporting

See changes over time

FogBugz stores historical snapshots of each case, including the status, project, who it was assigned to at each step, and more. FogBugz's visualizations allow you to graph this information and compare it to upcoming milestones, giving you a sense of how your team is doing and whether they're on track for the future.