Deliver amazing customer service.

FogBugz has everything you need to get your help desk up and running.

Manage your customer correspondence

A complete customer support inbox

Talk to your customers with FogBugz!  Set your support mail up with a FogBugz mailbox — AutoSort automatically gets spam out of your way, and sorts important customer email into the relevant team member's inbox.

Any FogBugz user can easily see the entire email history with a customer, helping your team to send relevant, well-informed replies. And, if a customer writes in about a critical issue, you can assign the case to a developer for immediate action.

Templated responses with snippets

Repeat yourself, easily, with Snippets

Snippets allow you to send quick, pre-formed responses to common questions your team receives over and over again. A snippet can be anything from a short phrase ("Let us know what you think!") to a complete email reply. Save time and dramatically improve your team's response rates with FogBugz snippets.