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Email Support Helpdesk

Efficiently Manage Customer Emails

Handle emails from multiple addresses or mailboxes. Whether they're from internal teams or external customers.

Send emails straight to the right team or member's inbox. Intelligent auto-sorting triages mail for you.

Craft relevant, well-informed replies. See a full customer's support history.

Be Pro-active with Crash Reporting

Save time logging issues. Have your software report errors, exceptions, and in-app customer feedback itself.

Know which bugs to prioritize. Record the number of occurrences of bugs automatically.

Spot and resolve issues before customers even report them.

Automated error and crash reporting

Key Features


Send quick, pre-formed responses to answer FAQs

Similar Problems

Record similar problems and prioritize issues


Get alerted automatically to new relevant issues

Community Users

Make issues public or allow select users to contribute

Emails are Issues

Developers have all the context they need

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