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Re-written with Speed in Mind - Quick Page Loads, Updated UI and Speed-focused Features

New Look and Feel - Designed for speed and efficiency

Search Guide with Auto-complete - So that you can find data faster

Case Subscribers and Working On - Essential information where you need it

Filter Menu Groups - To help you manage filters, so you can access cases more quickly

Project Groups - Group projects so you can get to the information you need in a flash

GitHub Integration - Create Bug Events in cases from commits, without context switching

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A sample FogBugz Case.
FogBugz On-Premises

It runs On-Premises

Use your own server hardware

All of the latest FogBugz functionality

Regular upgrades by Fog Creek staff

Unlimited Phone and Email support

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Customers Love It

Here's just some of the feedback:

"The UI is so much faster it's amazing. I'm able to work through cases a lot more quickly"
Jason, FogBugz user for 3 years

"The speed improvements are great"
Christian, FogBugz user for 3 years

"I love the faster filter interface!"
Paul, FogBugz user for 1 year

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Customers love FogBugz On Site

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We can help you get up and running with FogBugz On Site as soon as possible.

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What's the Future of FogBugz for Your Server?

For those who can't or don't want to switch to FogBugz On Site, here's what you need to know.

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