Joel Spolsky speaking about FogBugz and Kiln at the 2011 World Tour event in Seattle.

Watch Joel demo source control and project workflows in Fogbugz and Kiln

Platforms Which FogBugz Supports

FogBugz is a web application which tracks bugs, issues, and related project management and customer support tasks for software development teams. We often get asked what platforms FogBugz supports. The short answer: pretty much everything which has a web browser. If it speaks Internet, it speaks FogBugz. You know you have a web browser and we know you have a web browser, but your friendly neighborhood search engine does not necessarily know that e.g. "bug tracking for Linux" also includes "... or any bug tracker that can be accessed from Firefox since Firefox runs on Linux", so we made a few pages specifically describing how FogBugz works with individual platforms. Oh computers, you can't live with them, you can't live without them.

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