Check out the items below for advice, tips, how-tos, and other resources for getting the most out of FogBugz. For issue tracking, FogBugz has a ton of features and not all of them are immediately obvious. This page is intended to help you discover them and use them to save time.

FogBugz can be used for more than just bug tracking; it's used for customer support, project management, even resume tracking. We have many years of experience in using FogBugz, as do our customers, and we'll share as much of that experience as we can here.

Little-known FogBugz Features

Five useful features in FogBugz that you might not know about, but which almost certainly will make things go faster for you.

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Four powerful bug tracking features you won't find on your own

Here's a quick survey of some powerful features you might never find if we didn't point them out.

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Interactive Guide to the FogBugz Case Page

Want to know what everything on the edit page of a case is for? We've built this simple interactive guide that gives a short explanation of each element of a FogBugz case. Learn all you need to know about cases in just a couple of minutes!

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Extras and Add-Ons

The FogBugz XML API allows any web-enabled application to communicate with a FogBugz site. Using the API, you can programatically do just about anything that can be done using the FogBugz web interface. You can perform case operations (open, edit, assign, resolve, etc.), retrieve filtered case lists, get user timesheet data, and more.

We've compiled a list of all the offerings from Fog Creek and third-party venders that use the FogBugz XML API.

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