Students and Startups

We're a recent startup, so we don't really have any money to spend on things at the moment. Can I use FogBugz?

Absolutely. The FogBugz Student and Startup Edition allows startups of two people to use a complete, full-featured version of FogBugz, professionally hosted at our data center, at absolutely no cost. You don't have to provide a credit card, there's no advertising, and there's no catch. If you love FogBugz, tell your friends about it. If you make it big and your startup grows, you can hire more people and switch to the paid version.

What if I'm just a poor college student?

No problem. You can use it too!

Great! But what do I get? And why is it free for us?

Everything that Kiln and FogBugz have to offer. That means:

It's free because we know you don't have much money and we really want you to be using the best tools available while you're building the next cool thing.

What if I need it for a class project and we have more than two people on the team?

Just send us an email when you sign up (from your college email address) and we can extend your free trial for up to two semesters.

I work at a college, but am not a student. Can I use the Student and Startup Edition?

Anyone can use the Student and Startup edition. Our intention is to provide an awesome tool to those particular groups, but if you have two people or less then you can use it. We won't police you. We do ask however, if you do have the money to please use our paid version so we can keep making great software (and implement the really long feature list our customers have been asking for). If you need FogBugz for more than two people, and you are not a student, you will have to use the paid version. Contact us for our academic pricing.

What if I have other questions?

Please contact us for tech support, customer service, or anything else.

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