AWS DevOps Engineer


This position has been filled, but thanks for your interest! To see our current list of available job openings, please visit our careers page.

AWS DevOps Engineer


Fog Creek Software is looking for an experienced, levelheaded DevOps Engineer who likes to do things the right way, and likes to build systems for their team to do things the right way. We want you to join our core Glitch team and work to define our environment in the AWS cloud.

As the first DevOps hire into the team, you'll work closely with the Glitch engineers to build the path toward a highly reliable product. We'll rely on your experience to help us build out the automated, shining beacon of best-practice infrastructure that we need, and your role will be supported by the teams of top-notch developers, support engineers, and SRE's throughout Fog Creek.


As technologies move around us we need a team of people who grow and adapt to new best practices. We look for people with:

  • At least five years of computing experience, knowledge and excitement about the terrain
  • A solid grasp of the programming tools at their disposal, and knowledge of the time and place to use each one
  • Working experience with configuration management (e.g. CloudFormation/Puppet/Chef/CFEngine) and monitoring (e.g. CloudWatch/Ganglia/Nagios) systems
  • Pragmatic problem solving abilities dealing with complex systems, even when the only error messages are in hex and you're at the far end of a 1200 baud telnet link
  • Comfort wearing lots of hats in a heterogeneous environment: working with web servers and databases, hardware and software, dashboards and ssh terminals, etc.
  • An excellent command of written and spoken English

We place exceptional value on skills that align with today's core needs within the Glitch tech stack, specifically experience with:

  • AWS technologies in general -- a deep knowledge of the tools in the platform and the appropriate times to tag them in
  • Container provisioning and management, most especially with Docker / Docker Swarm
  • Provisioning and capacity planning
  • Cloud-friendly distributed file systems, most especially Ceph
  • Highly-available relational databases, most especially PostgreSQL
  • Programming for Node.js and scaling out Node.js web servers

Working Remotely

All of Fog Creek's technical teams are geographically distributed. Every meeting takes place online and we use the latest, easiest online tools for all of our work-related communication. That means that you can work from almost anywhere in the world, provided:

  • You have access to broadband, stable, low-latency Internet, suitable for videoconferencing
  • You have a dedicated, quiet place to work
  • Your workday overlaps New York afternoons (1700 - 2200 GMT)
  • We have a way to pay you legally wherever you live

About Fog Creek

For 18 years, Fog Creek Software has worked to be the technology company that puts people first. We're proud of our history and the products we've created because they enable others to work together and make great technology themselves. Now, we're focused on helping millions of people (not just professional coders) rediscover the fun parts of the internet with our new friendly community, Glitch.

How to apply

To apply, email us at, attaching a current resume in HTML, Plain Text, or PDF format. In the body of the email describe how you fit our requirements. Your application will be read by a real, live Fog Creek Engineer, so please feel free to get as technical as you like.