Sales Engineer

New York City

This position has been filled, but thanks for your interest! To see our current list of available job openings, please visit our careers page.

Sales Engineer

New York City

About Fog Creek

For 18 years, Fog Creek Software has worked to be the technology company that puts people first. We're proud of our history and the products we've created because they enable others to work together and make great technology themselves. Now, we're focused on helping millions of people (not just professional coders) rediscover the fun parts of the internet with our new friendly community, Glitch.

About the role

Fog Creek Software is looking for an articulate, motivated Sales Engineer to join our Sales team. In this role, you will have the opportunity to grow sales with our flagship product that is on the cusp of major new developments and help build our community through the sale of new, cutting edge products. You will be joining a highly collaborative Sales Team, interacting with Support, Development, and Operations teams to grow revenue and shape the way development teams work.

The Sales Engineer role at Fog Creek is unique. We make great software that helps other people make great software, which means that our customers are software developers. You'll need to have the technical skill and experience to understand their needs. You'll need to understand our codebase well enough to gauge whether some custom code a customer wants is an easy request or an enormous feat. Finally, you'll be the engineer for the sales team - you'll be writing and maintaining integrations and custom code for them. You'll need the empathy to understand the pain points your customers and teammates feel, the technical skills to code solutions to the small problems, and the management skills to coordinate members of several teams to solve the big ones.

This position is based in our office in New York City, though over half of our employees work remotely from all over the US and the world. You'll work in a brand new office in Lower Manhattan, carefully and thoughtfully designed to give each person both private and collaborative work spaces. Working at the office means you'll eat catered lunch with the team every day, have access to all the snacks you could possibly eat, and receive a free unlimited MetroCard every month.

We offer fair, competitive, and transparent pay. The salary range for this position is $95K to $100K and we look at factors like your skills and experience to determine our offer, which comes with a comprehensive benefits package. We don't negotiate because we make our best possible offer up front—no games.

Candidate Expectations

Required Skills How you'll use them in this role
At least 3 years' experience as a Sales Engineer or Technical Support Engineer
  • Serve as the primary technical resource for the Sales Team
  • Use your programming skills to build and maintain solutions and integrations that will help your team be more productive
  • Imagine and implement solutions for your teammates and customers
Excellent track record of selling complex solutions to enterprises, mid-market and small businesses
  • Partner with sales executives to plan, prepare and execute strategic deals in complex sales cycles
  • Propose solutions that successfully address customer pain points/requirements
Ability to creatively explain and present complex concepts in an easy-to-understand manner
  • Create and deliver powerful presentations, demos, and proofs of concept that clearly communicate the uniqueness of the value proposition
  • Manage all technical aspects of RFP / RFI responses
Strong communication skills
  • Effectively communicate client needs to Support, Development and Product teams for future product enhancements or Professional Services engagements

We want you to know

We welcome you, as you are, to work at Fog Creek. We're removing the structural barriers and daily frustrations that too many tech companies inflict on underrepresented workers. From day one, our company has been about respecting and valuing our workers, and you’ll be supported by every level of our organization when you join our team. We support workplace diversity.

Fog Creek Software, Inc. does not discriminate in employment matters on the basis of race, color, religion, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, military service eligibility, veteran status, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, or any other protected class. If you have a disability, we're more than happy to accommodate and make the interview process better for you.

What to expect when you apply

To apply, solve the problem below and include your solution as the first word in the subject line of your application email, which you can send to

Please include your current resume in PDF, HTML, or Plain Text format. If you have a website, send us the URL. In the body of the email, describe how you solved our challenge and explain why you would be a good fit for this job.

The next step will be a call with a member of our sales team to discuss the role and schedule an interview with a member of our technical staff. We lean heavily toward task-based interviews to help us understand your skill level, strengths and possible weak areas. Our goal isn't to have you implement complex coding structures on a whiteboard, but to see how you think and give you problems you would actually encounter at work and then have a conversation about it.

Application Problem

Sort the characters in the following string:


by the number of times the character appears in the following text (descending):

Note: the text scrolls.


Now take the sorted string, and drop all the characters after (and including) the _. The remaining word is the answer.


At this point, lots of tech companies have great benefits. What makes Fog Creek's benefits stand out?

For starters, we'll set you and your family up with free health care. Seriously. You won't pay a dime out of pocket—it's by far the best health plan you'll find out there. Our paid leave gives you 20 days vacation (plus additional days for when caretakers need time to care for a family member), unlimited sick days and 12 weeks fully paid parental leave. And while you're welcoming a new family member, we'll let you reimburse $500 of food costs so that you can spend less time cooking and meal planning and more time staring at your little one or trying to get 4 consecutive hours of sleep. There's more, but if you're not at least a little impressed by now, what else can we do to change your mind?

OK, ok everyone talks about flexible hours and work-life balance at their company but I'm not buying it. What does work-life balance even mean these days?

Work-life balance at Fog Creek means that you'll have time to tend to the life stuff that comes up outside your job. Dentist appointment? Sick kid? Renewing your driver's license? You won't owe Fog Creek the hours you spend taking care of your life. From the top down, we model what it looks like to enjoy your work but have a well-rounded life outside it.

What is it like to work from the New York office at Fog Creek?

Our office was carefully and thoughtfully designed to encourage both collaborative work and give you quiet space to focus. In addition to the standard height-adjustable desk and classic Aeron chair, you'll have several spaces throughout the office to work (including an outdoor terrace!). We cater a healthy lunch every day to cultivate our community by eating together, not at our desks. We'll also give you an unlimited Metrocard every month, along with any tools or equipment you need to be successful.

How is working remotely different than working at the office? I've never worked remotely before and I'm worried I might feel isolated.

Over half of Fog Creek is remote, with some teams entirely remote, so we make it a priority to operate as if the entire company is remote. We're communicating via Slack, Zoom, and Google Hangouts the majority of the day (the sheer number of bad jokes in Slack is truly astounding) and do our best to give new remote workers the tips and tools they need to feel 100% part of Fog Creek from Day 1. We'll outfit your home office with an Aeron chair, standing desk and any other equipment you need.

We also have an annual company offsite where we all get to be together in 3D with 5-star accommodations against an extraordinarily gorgeous backdrop like canyons in Colorado or a private beach in Mexico. And in case you're wondering, that's 100% covered by Fog Creek.