Build great code — fearlessly.

Kiln helps you manage your code and get the most value from it.

Git and Mercurial, with the same repository

Git and Mercurial in Harmony

Kiln Harmony helps your business by letting developers use the version control system they prefer, whether it’s Mercurial or Git, and then lets them team up easily. With Kiln Harmony you can branch & merge, clone, push or pull in a single repository using either Mercurial or Git. And anyone else can access the code, using either Mercurial or Git. At last, Kiln brings Harmony to your team.

Easily view branches and merges with Kiln

Distributed Version Control: Branch and Merge with Ease

One of the best things about distributed version control systems (DVCSs) like Mercurial or Git is that branching and merging are practically painless. You and your team can work in the same part of your code and merge in a sane way, without breaking your build. This gives your developers the freedom to be creative and gives you the peace of mind that your team will be building quality code. With Kiln, you can let loose your developers’ imagination.

Use HTTPS or SSH with Kiln

Your Choice: HTTPS or SSH

Kiln Harmony now gives you access to your repositories whether you want to use SSH or HTTPS. Concerned about security? We provide world-class security so you can have peace of mind about your code — both use industry-standard security from end to end.

Mercurial Largefiles Support

The Kiln team and Mercurial developer community have teamed up to save you time when working with large binary files that don’t change very often, like artwork and compiled libraries. The Mercurial Largefiles extension helps you avoid lengthy waits when you are cloning or pulling, by just downloading the file version that you need at the time. With Mercurial Largefiles, your waiting is over.