Build great code — fearlessly.

Kiln helps you manage your code and get the most value from it.

See line by line history of your code with Kiln

Keep Your Development Team in Sync

Kiln helps developers work together. Whether your business uses Git or Mercurial, Kiln provides the tools you need to ensure that developers can access and navigate through the changes in your code's history. With Kiln, branching, cloning, pushing, or pulling are all as simple as a few clicks of your mouse.

Easily view branches and merges with Kiln

Distributed Version Control: Branch and Merge with Ease

One of the best things about distributed version control systems (DVCSs) like Mercurial or Git is that branching and merging are practically painless. You and your team can work in the same part of your code and merge in a sane way, without breaking your build. With Kiln, you can let loose your developers’ imagination.

Use HTTPS or SSH with Kiln

Your Choice: HTTPS or SSH

Kiln now provides repository access via either SSH or HTTPS. Concerned about security? Both access methods use industry-standard systems and procedures for your peace of mind.

Handling large files with Mercurial

FogBugz Integration: One Login, One Workflow

Kiln’s tight integration with FogBugz and smooth workflow means your developers can keep coding without the interruption of switching tools. They even share a single log-in! Kiln and FogBugz enable you to report bugs, fix them and update your code, all from the same suite of tools. Use Kiln and FogBugz together and keep your project running smoothly.