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Professional Services Offerings

To help cater to your specific needs, Fog Creek provides a range of Professional Services to maximize the value you get from our tools. From product training and onboarding, to process improvement and integration with other systems. Our dedicated consultants have in-depth knowledge of Fog Creek products, combined with real-world insights gained from years of supporting our customers in a business context.

Professional Services offered include:

  • Onboarding & Product Training - For large teams who want to jump straight into recommended workflows that suit their business needs, or for small teams who are seeking more individual attention than is provided by our webinars. Including, but not limited to:
    • Consultation on FogBugz and Kiln Usage
    • User Training for FogBugz and Kiln
  • Product Migration and Integration - We can help with writing custom tools to pull in the data you need, in the format you want, from third party sources and systems. Such tasks include, but are not limited to:
    • Product Upgrades
    • Server Moves
    • Data Imports
    • Splitting databases
    • MySQL to MS SQL Data conversions
  • Custom Development - Both product UI and functionality can be adapted to meet your specific business needs and work within your preferred workflows. Example development work includes, but is not limited to:
    • Creation of custom dashboards and portals
    • FogBugz customizations
    • Development of Version Control-related services
    • Task and workflow automation
    • API and Web Service development

To discuss your requirements, and receive a quote, please call 1-866-364-2733 or email

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