Joel Spolsky speaking about FogBugz and Kiln at the 2011 World Tour event in Seattle.

Watch Joel demo source control and project workflows in Fogbugz and Kiln

FogBugz and Web Based Bug Tracking

With software teams increasingly cooperating from multiple locations and multiple devices per team member, the majority of our customers are moving towards online bug tracking rather than using on-premises bug tracking systems or, even worse, per-computer systems like Excel spreadsheets or email inboxes. FogBugz is available as an online service: simply sign up for an account and we'll track your issues for the entire team, allowing you to get a handle on your software project management. You can try FogBugz absolutely free for 45 days.

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Passionate, Informed Support

Just because your bug tracker is web-based doesn't mean your support should be impersonal or automated. We stand by our software and our customers, offering free phone and email support for all users of web-based FogBugz. Our Customer Support team eats lunch with the engineers every day at our office in Manhattan. They know FogBugz and software development, cold, and know exactly who to talk to if something in the software needs fixing. We really care that you are thrilled with how FogBugz supports your team in making the best software: if you need any help, don't hesitate to call 1-888-FOGBUGZ (888-364-2849) or email us at

Fit Into Any Budget

FogBugz costs only $25 per named user per month, so it is easily within the reach of any development team's budget. With the fully loaded cost of most engineers being well north of $100 an hour, FogBugz pays for itself in just a few minutes of increased productivity. We obsessively optimize every interaction with the software to save you a second here and a minute there, because we know that eliminating friction is essential to making your team as productive as they can be.

Accept Cases Directly From Users

Often you want to record bugs directly in users' own words rather than having it filtered through the Help Desk or Customer Support rephrasing it. FogBugz has many options for getting feedback directly from customers to developers, including an email address which you can send or forward mail to that will import the bug report directly into the software. We use sophisticated Bayesian filtering to make sure you get all the bugs and none of the spam.

Adjust To Match Your Workflow

FogBugz has views on the right way to do software development, and is set up to be usable right out of the box without configuration. (In fact, since you're using the web-based version, there is no box. But if there were a box, it would be a box with a perforation saying "Pull here and out pops a fully functioning system." Which there isn't, because there is no box.) However, you can customize FogBugz extensively to fit your team's existing development practices and workflow. Many of our clients use our rich Plugins feature to either customize their FogBugz or interact directly with our API to do things as varied as iPad clients and automatic on-call escalation.

Doesn't Need To Be Installed

Remember the box FogBugz doesn't come in? That's the box you don't need for installation. As soon as you sign up for the free trial our KiwiBot9000 gets your FogBugz site ready to go in under a minute. After you sign in, you can add new users as simply as typing in their email addresses. Like any good mother bird, the KiwiBot9000 zealously guards its chicks in the nest, making sure your data stays safe and the software you are using is always up-to-date.

Search Old Issues Easily

Have you ever forgotten whether someone fixed that bug you saw six months ago? Particularly when a customer has reported seeing it this morning? FogBugz gives you powerful tools to search through old issues, making sure your organization never loses the collective knowledge of the bug database, even if time passes or key members move on to other projects. We use FogBugz every day and have over a million issues in our database (mostly resolved, naturally), and can vouch that it scales to projects lasting even a decade. We're also improving the search experience all the time, so you spend less time looking for answers and more time implementing the things that matter to your customers.