Git and Mercurial Version Control and Source Code Hosting

Used by over 20,000 software development teams to manage their code, improve quality with code reviews, organize projects, track changes and collaborate.

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Version Control

Keep Your Development Team in Sync

Whether your business uses Git or Mercurial, Kiln provides the tools you need to securely manage your code and changes.

Version Control features in-depth

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Kiln linearly displays Git or Mercurial changes and branch activity.
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Code Reviews (Optional Module)

Better Code with Fewer Bugs

Kiln's developer-friendly code reviews make it easy to get feedback, discuss changes and improve the quality of your source code.

Code Reviews in-depth

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A Kiln code review showing review status, nested comments, and code references.
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Activity Tracking

Easily view changes across repositories

View code, changes and commit history at a glance with Kiln's branch visualizations and activity feed. Kiln helps your team track progress and reach goals.

Activity Tracking in-depth

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The Kiln activity view with filters.
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Keep Your Code Organized

Manage complex Git or Mercurial codebases and large teams. Manage projects, repository structure, and permissions with ease.

Projects in-depth

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Projects, repos and forks.

Use the Best Tool for You

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Choose Git for a safe but re-writeable history, branching, staging and a flexible CLI.

Using Git in-depth

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Choose Mercurial for a full-featured CLI, a permanent history and first-class Windows support.

Using Mercurial in-depth

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